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Design focused programmer with an experience of over 5 years building mobile apps, games and web apps, with an experience of leading fellow programmers in successful project completions.

  • Running a technology startup named Noob Games as a tech founder, and in the process of shutting it down.
  • Looking for some challenging opportunities to work in a product based technology company.
  • Can code, teach to code, learn new things and even lead a programming team.
  • Location no bar
  • Challenges no bar


  • Mobile - Android, iOS
  • Game Engine - Unity, Marmalade
  • Web Backend - Node.js, Express
  • Database - MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, Sqlite
  • Web Frontend - Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery

Latest Projects


Seeker - Gather Intelligence
Android iOS Instagram Facebook Youtube Google Translate Google Maps Apple Maps

Search an Area. Apply Filters. Gather Intelligence. With Seeker, users can gather all public posts from multiple social media sites in a specified area. Users have the flexibility to draw the area they are interested in on a map. Then they can filter by date, keyword, or social media network to make sure they see relevant posts. Gather data from multiple sources in one place to allow easy browsing.

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DFS Shredder

DFS Shredder - Shred Everything
Android OkHttp Storage Access Framework GCM

DFS Shredder is a data shredding application. Shredding is the only digitally possible method to permanently remove data from a device. Traditional data removing methods like deleting, formatting and flashing will not entirely remove the data from a device, instead they will just hide this data and make it inaccessible. But these hidden data can be accessed by anyone using data recovery softwares. Data recovery softwares are very cheap and available to anyone. Which makes the possibility of someone else accessing the data, that you already removed, even greater.

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SocialDrv - Your ride to the airport
Android iOS PHP Bootstrap

SocialDrv provides inexpensive, reliable, quick, and pleasant rides to or from any Bay Area airport! Book your ride in advance and know that a driver will be at your pick-up location at the exact time you specify!

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Hello Ujjain

Hello Ujjain - The hyperlocal app
Android iOS ASP.Net MVC Bootstrap

Feel the warmth of the Ujjain city with the Hello Ujjain app. It's one of the best way to tour Ujjain and keep updated about places to visit or hotels to store.

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LumberJack - A Simple Android Logger
Android Open-Source Logcat Logging

LumberJack is a easy to use opensource Logging Android library. It supports logging to Logcat, File system and even to the user's own server. It very easy to use and even easier to customize.

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NoobFileChooser - A SAF ready file chooser library
Android Open-Source Storage Access Framework ButterKnife

A complete File manager for Android with complete support of Storage Access Framework. Now you won't need to rely on Android's stock system UI to deliver files from the External SD Card.

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NoobCameraFlash - A Camera Flash library for Android
Android Open-Source Camera Flash Jitpack

An Android library to access Camera Flash in all the versions of Android. It takes care of the permissions and can also work in different flavor of Android OS.

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Credo - Designed for Mobile Apps
Boostrap jQuery ASP.Net MVC Masonry

For last 5 years, Credo have been producing timeless designs for garden planters. In our products, we go back to what is the essence of good design: we aim for impeccable craftsmanship to create sustainable pieces full of character, moulded of high quality fibre glass. Credo planters' designs are authentic, sumptuous and natural. We believe that good design can enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing; providing comfort, tranquillity, visual harmony and order

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Other Projects

Super Android - The all in one app
Android QR Code Camera In-app Billing

Super Android is an all-in-one solution for all your urgent tools,utilities and settings. No need to search for the tool you need in you settings or in your app-list. Just put Super Android on your homepage and unleash the power of almighty Android, by just opening Super Android.

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Hammer, Inc. - We smash for you!
Unity3D Android 2D Game Parse

Wanna Smash ? ? ? Hire us!!!An Elite team of bullheaded maniacs whose ultimate nemesis is 'Concrete'!!!!!.Enjoy the endless & frustratingly addictive concrete smashing experience, evade the deadly balconies, unlock different avatars, climb the leader - board by smashing more and more floors & we also award achievements for doing the wreckage.

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Shot - A Camera filter app
WindowsPhone8 Nokia Imaging SDK Camera Filter

Shot is the app which applies filters at shot-time, better known as shot-time filtering(or real-time filtering). Gone are the days when you need to click a photo and then decide which filter to apply on it.Now using Shot app, you can see how it looks in your camera viewfinder itself.So you know how your pic will look like before actually clicking it.Isn't it amazing? Not just that, Shot comes with 40 + single filters, all of which can be applied to the same image over each other.It means you can create combination of cascading filters and apply over the same image, before saving it.

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Work Experience

Co-Founder & Executive Director - Noob Games Pvt. Ltd. (June, 2014 - Present)

Noob Games Pvt. Ltd. is a software development and training company. I cofounded it with Digvijay in mid 2014. The company started with developing games, mobile and web apps as a client and in-house projects. We have also trained many developers and placed them at many companies in Indore and other cities.


  • Leading a team of 10 developers
  • Hiring developers and taking their technical interviews
  • Generating business by getting new clients
  • Having regular communication with clients with respect to the updates of the project
  • Developing and testing the code of the project for industry standard quality.
  • Working on Mobile and web platforms
  • Training students and preparing them for the job
  • Conducting and speaking in seminars and workshops in various educational institutions


  • Awarded Top 20 Hottest Indian startups founded in 2014 by exhibit magazine
  • Developed 10+ mobile applications and web apps for clients from all over the world.
  • Conducted seminars and workshops in most of the engineering colleges in Indore on topics such as Game Development, Cloud Computing, Mobile app development etc.
  • Conducted a workshop and hackathon in IIT Indore sponsored by IBM and Venturesity on Android App Development

Lead Programmer - Black Cobra Studios (April, 2012 - May, 2014)

Black Cobra Studios is the game-development unit of EC-Interactive India Pvt. Ltd. Black Cobra Studios was founded by video games industry veterans Sharad Chaturvedi, Rajesh GS and Rupert Young in late 2011 with the intention of becoming a leading player in the mobile arena. With over twenty years experience in designing, developing and managing projects the company has a full understanding of the developing games with regards to quality, timescales and finances. Black Cobra Studios is rapidly expanding it’s product range and is currently developing casual and social gaming products for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.


  • Leading development projects including games, mobile apps and web apps
  • Communicating with clients to provide updates regarding the project
  • Reporting to COO and CEO regarding the updates for in-house projects
  • Developing games for Mobile platforms using Marmalade, OpenGL and Unity3D
  • Developing native apps for mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, BB10 and Windows Phone 8


  • Lead a team of 10 developers
  • Developed multiple versions of 20+ games on both Android and iOS platform
  • Developed Android and iOS apps for clients such as Ukash, PFS, Budapay etc.

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